NACCC began to collect statistics from accredited centres on a quarterly basis in 2014.  This process was refined during the period 2014-2016.  Information is collected using an online method which allows us to store and analyse information from the centres that submit their stats.  We are able to provide information for the Ministry of Justice, Cafcass and media requests. This information is also used by centres to support their own funding bids.

Submission of quarterly statistics is an accreditation requirement and failure to submit will affect a centre’s re-accreditation.

To download the full data summaries please click on the downloads. If you do not have the correct software installed then you can download free viewers. (PDF Reader)

Annual statistics 2021-2022

There were 271 accredited centres as at 1 April 2022 providing direct contact services (2021=319, 2020=320, 2019=313, 2018= 329, 2017=343). These were as follows:

• 136 providing supported contact only (2021=150, 2020=160, 2019=171, 2018=191, 2017=205)

• 15 providing supervised contact only (2021=23, 2020=23, 2019=15, 2018=14, 2017=24)

• 120 providing both supervised and supported contact (2021=145, 2020=137, 2019=127, 2018=124, 2017=114).

Annual statistics 2009-2010 (ARCHIVE)

There were 301 centres providing contact services during the period as at 1 September 2010 with 234 providing supported contact only, 21 providing supervised contact only and 46 providing both supervised and supported contact. At this time the statistics were collected on an annual basis (rather than the quarterly basis that is the process today).  

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