Below is a list of current NACCC affiliates. We thank them sincerely for their continued support.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming an affiliate and supporting NACCC’s work, please contact us.

Platinum Partners

Parenting Apart Programme –

Our Family Wizard –

Deal Value Creation Partners –

Gold Partners

Children First Family Mediation

Bronze Partners

Alletsons Solicitors 

Berry & Lamberts Solicitors

Bretherton Law Ltd

Cambridge Family Law Practice

Caro Taylor Solicitors Ltd     

Dexter Montague & Partners

DFA Law     

Evans Main

Families Need Fathers (London)

Family Law in Partnership LLP

Faradays Solicitors 

Fisher Jones Greenwood    

Focus Family Mediation

Fraser Dawbarns LLP

Freemans Solicitors

Hodge Jones & Allen LLP     

Hudgell & Partners

John Birkby & Co    

Langley Wellington LLP

Larken & Co

Levison Meltzer Pigott

Miles & Partners    

Painters Solicitors   

Parry Davies Clwyd-Jones & Lloyd   

Parsonage & Co. Solicitors  

Peter Lynn & Partners

Philcox Gray & Co. Solicitors

Rose and Rose Solicitors      

Rosemary Smith & Co

Shepherd Harris & Co Solicitors

Signature Law LLP  

Southwest Mediation

St John’s Chambers

Swain & Co.

Symons & Gay Solicitors LLP