Affiliates are an essential part of our work. The people and organisations listed on this page are part of our affiliates programme and therefore, they make ongoing financial contributions to the work of NACCC, or support us in other ways, for example in completing practical elements of our work.

As a charitable organisation funding is something that we are always looking to improve and the people on this page have recognised this and supported us in some way, therefore, helping to ensure the sustainability of our services.

Any organisation listed on this page is entirely independent of NACCC and not linked in anyway. Therefore, NACCC cannot comment on the quality of their services or be held responsible for their work in any way.

Thank You to every person and organisation listed here. Our work would be impossible without your generosity.

Below is a list of current NACCC affiliates. We thank them sincerely for their continued support.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming an affiliate and supporting NACCC’s work, please contact us.

Platinum Partners

Parenting Apart Programme

The Parenting Apart Programme is an innovative programme that works with parent’s post-separation, to enable them to recognise and meet the needs of their children in the way that all parents intrinsically want to do.

Parents who attend the Parenting Apart  Programme benefit from guidance, advice and support on how to work successfully towards co-parenting beyond the divorce process.

Key components of the approach:

Work with family to ensure the safety and well-being of all family members

Strengthening the capacity of families to function effectively by focusing on solutions.

Engaging, empowering, and partnering with families throughout the decision- and goal-making processes.

Developing a relationship between parents and service providers, characterised by mutual trust, respect, honesty, and open communication.

Providing individualised, culturally responsive, flexible, and relevant service for each family.

Parenting Apart Programmes Support of NACCC

NACCC and the Parenting Apart Programme have had a working relationship for some time and it is great to see more and more contact centres joining us on this journey and being able to offer the Parenting Apart Programme to the parents using their services.

Child Contact Centres were at the front line of the response to Covid-19 by providing a safe place for children to spend time with parents they no longer live with. In Autumn 2021 we held a celebratory event to recognise the outstanding efforts made by all. This event was sponsored by the Parenting Apart Programme enabling us to:

Hold the celebratory event.

Distribute framed certificates.

Design and distribute logos that nominees and winners could display.

Design and have made bespoke awards to be physically presented.

For more information – Click here.

Gold Partners

CFFM is a specialist not-for-profit family mediation service with experienced highly trained staff who have experience in children, finance, property and the legal system.

They cover Prestwich, Bolton, Bury, Manchester City Centre and Stockport. Their trained mediators provide you with the tools to untangle all the strands around family breakdown, find new ways of communicating and most importantly help parents to help their children make the necessary adjustments to family life.

For more information – Click here

Bronze Partners

Alletsons Solicitors

Berry & Lamberts Solicitors

Bretherton Law Ltd

Cambridge Family Law Practice

Caro Taylor Solicitors Ltd

Dexter Montague & Partners


Evans Main

Faradays Solicitors

Fisher Jones Greenwood

Focus Family Mediation

Fraser Dawbarns LLP

Freemans Solicitors

Hodge Jones & Allen LLP

Hudgell & Partners

John Birkby & Co

Langley Wellington LLP

Larken & Co

Levison Meltzer Pigott

Miles & Partners

Painters Solicitors

Parry Davies Clwyd-Jones & Lloyd

Parsonage & Co. Solicitors

Peter Lynn & Partners 

Philcox Gray & Co. Solicitors

Rose and Rose Solicitors

Rosemary Smith & Co

Shepherd Harris & Co Solicitors

Signature Law LLP

Southwest Mediation

St John’s Chambers

Swain & Co.

Symons & Gay Solicitors LLP