NACCC has four strategic objectives which were agreed upon by the board and the Chief Executive Officer in 2019. These will be implemented during the period 2019-2024.

 These are to:

  1. Build further the quality and effectiveness of our volunteer-run operations.
  2. Engage key stakeholders demonstrating the need for continued child contact services in all parts of the UK, and support its effective delivery.
  3. Identify and develop the effective use of resources, structure and ways of working to meet the needs of the new strategy.
  4. Develop and execute a focused communication/ engagement approach to strengthen our reputation as the ‘go-to’ place for child contact issues, and so ensure continuing external support and funding.

Key achievements over 2021-22

Raising political and public awareness

  • We have developed a significant range of resources for children. These include the work with schools to further inform children about parental separation.
  • Reviewed the oversight and quality assurance of the work that the accreditation assessors complete.
  • Accreditation summaries are now published on the NACCC Website (Find a Centre Tool).
  • New standards were implemented. This enables us to make contact more accessible for children in remote areas.
  • NACCC has played a key role in setting up and developing the work of the Family Solutions Group (FSG). This is currently working on language, out-of-court resources, and a Parenting Programme accreditation.
  • We have improved communication with members through Coffee Shop Live, WhatsApp, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Training has been offered to hundreds of legal professionals, including Judges and magistrates.
  • Funding has been accessed from the National Lottery, Cadbury Trust, and additional funding to create an information video.


  • Membership has decreased from 319 to 271 over the last year. A large proportion of supported centres closed during the pandemic and were never able to reopen. The impacts of this in terms of the membership numbers have been felt in the year 2021 to 2022. Supervised centres have faced different challenges. Some of these challenges relate to retendering of services in England and Wales. Whilst this led to some centres closing, more are now beginning to open, and this should be reflected in future numbers.

Other developments

  • Building a new SRS Referral System.
  • Funding for Child of Separation Video.
  • This year has seen us working with colleagues across Europe, sharing best practice and learning from one another.
  • A re-drafting of the Judicial Protocol is being reviewed by the President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane.
  • Achieved QEL and QEL+ for training and qualifications.

Ongoing services provided

  • National standards for supported child contact centres and enhanced national standards for supervised child contact centres were developed and updated to provide quality assurance.
  • Implementation of the associated accreditation process for centres to demonstrate their quality.
  • Ongoing individual and group training related to contact centre activity and standards.
  • Maintain protocols and relationships with key referrers: judiciary, family lawyers and Cafcass.
  • Website information is supported by an information line with a Disclosure & Barring Service umbrella service for members.
  • Safeguarding advice line for members and online Safe Referral System provided for parents perhaps without legal representation to make a secure self-referral. This is used by over 50 accredited centres providing supported contact.
  • Recognition and funding by central government.
  • Lobbying of key decision-makers.