Supporting and accrediting services nationwide

NACCC is the accrediting membership body for around 300 child contact services located throughout England (including the Channel Isles), Wales and Northern Ireland. It is the largest in Europe. For details of centres in Scotland please visit Relationships Scotland.

NACCC accredited child contact services are run by a variety of independent organisations that form the membership of NACCC. Around 3,000 volunteers and 1,500 staff run these services, with nearly 20,000 children benefitting from accredited services in the past year.

NACCC accredited child contact centres help parents and children in five main ways

  • Provide a safe, neutral, welcoming space for children to spend time with parents (or other people important to them, such as grandparents).
  • Support parents to help them prioritise the needs of their children post separation.
  • Promote mediation so that long-term solutions can be found to keep children in touch with both parents.
  • Offer resources, information and advice for families dealing with separation.
  • Provide specialist supervised interventions where children may be exposed to a higher level of risk.

NACCC membership services

NACCC provides a range of services to its membership in order that they can deliver highest quality, child-focused services that are safe for children and their families. These services include:

  • Provision of National Standards and quality benchmarks
  • Accreditation support – achieving and maintaining national standards
  • Practical support and advice in achieving and maintaining accreditation
  • Training offered on a regional and individual basis, including Co-ordinator training
  • DBS Service
  • AGM and conference
  • Information Line for parents and carers
  • Information and advice for parents, carers (and referrers) needing to set up contact at a local Child Contact Centre.
  • Members’ information line
  • Safeguarding Advice Line
  • Safe Referral System and hub support programme
  • Information and advice for Members on all aspects of running a Child Contact Centre
  • The coffee shop, coffee shop live, and online networking
  • Newsletters
  • Advice and updates regarding important changes in legislation

Get involved

With more financial support NACCC can continue to ensure safety and contact is maintained for children. Please consider making a donation to help us continue our service.

Want to become accredited? Please see our FAQs for centres to get involved

NACCC also seeks to raise the profile of child contact centres and services so that they are high on the public and political agendas, nationally and locally. Please see our Stakeholder campaign to get involved.

NACCC works with other organisations providing support to separating families including Cafcass, Cafcass Cymru and the judiciary. Please see our Stakeholder FAQs for more information on how your organisation can work more closely with NACCC.

Overseas outreach

Whilst our work is primarily with children and their families in the UK, we also recognise that children across the world face similar issues. NACCC is in the very fortunate position whereby we have decades of experience working with children experiencing parental separation. As part of our commitment to children regardless of where they live in a world, we are proud to share knowledge and best practice on behalf of all of our members and have recently worked with organisations based in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan.

Media enquiries

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