BBC Series called ‘Who Needs Fathers’ is currently being aired on BBC 2. Episode two will shown on the 7th April entitled ‘The Right to be Dad’ and the third episode is called ‘Missing Dad’.

The BBC describe the second film as follows: “The second film in this unique series about the experience of parents in the Family Courts looks behind the statistic that half of all contact orders are broken.

Most of the media attention has focused on Fathers for Justice and their rooftop protests, but the real story is that thousands of ordinary fathers are losing contact with their children. The family courts are being criticised for not enforcing their own orders or taking action against parents who fail to comply.

Against the background of the shocking fact that almost 40 per cent of divorced fathers lose contact with their children within two years of separation, the film follows three dads trying to keep regular contact with children they love.”

Further details on the series:

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