Judicial Protocol

The Protocol for referrals of families to Supported Child Contact Centres by Judges and Magistrates is currently being reviewed by NACCC’s Patron Sir James Munby. We hope that this important document will be available in October time.

Accreditation Bill

An update on the Bill will be available in the Autumn.

Supervised Standards

The Supervised Standards 2012 have had a complete revision and are currently being finalised – members will be informed when these are available.

‘Diversity in adversity’ London research project findings

Full details on the research will be available in the Autumn.

Catch up on what has been happening in our latest news since the last newsletter…

Safeguarding children: dealing with low-level concerns about adults: Where a serious safeguarding allegation is raised against an adult working with children, the position is clear in terms of what action an organisation must take in terms of reporting, recording and handling that allegation. However, it is much less clear where a concern does not reach the threshold of an allegation. Low level concerns article

Tackling inter-parental conflict matters for children and families who are in or at risk of poverty: The Early Intervention Foundation has published an overview on interparental relationships, conflict and the impacts of poverty. Economic pressure impacts on parents’ mental health, which can cause relationship problems and difficulties with parenting. These difficulties can include reduced parental sensitivity and time spent interacting with their child, and can lead to harsher parenting practices, which are linked to future difficulties for children and adolescents. Interparental relationships conflict poverty overview

Resident parent advice: We have developed some advice which you might find useful to give out and discuss with the resident parent when they come to your centre for a pre-visit. This has been adapted from information which is going to be sent to resident parents using our online Safe Referral System and tries to encourage them to engage with setting up contact at a contact centre. Download from members’ news

Has your centre registered with the HSSF Mark? If your centre is accredited by NACCC you are automatically eligible to register for the HSSF Mark. See members’ news for more details 

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