In 2021, we held a ‘#CovidHero’ celebratory event online. This basically entailed recognising the best of what our contact centres do and rewarding this. We had logos made up that they could use on social media and their websites, as well as offering framed certificates and glass trophies. There were 4 categories that people could be nominated into and two awards per category.

We are planning on doing something very similar, although the name would be different. I would ideally like this to be an in-person event, but recognise that this might be more cost-effective to hold virtually.

In return for sponsorship, we can offer the following,

  • The sponsor’s name will be mentioned several times at the celebration event.
  • If required, the sponsor can also be allocated time to talk about their work/services.
  • All trophies and certificates will contain the name of the sponsor.
  • Certificates will also include the sponsor logo.
  • Social Media posts from NACCC’s account will include direct recognition of the sponsor.
  • Information, recognition, thanks, sponsor logo, and introductory information, as well as links to the sponsor website, hosted from the NACCC website. (Between 1st Jan 2022 and 1st Jan 2023 our website had 653,443 page views, meaning potential exposure could be significant.)

For more information about how you might be able to help us with this mission, click the button below to contact us.

If it were the case that your organisation wanted to support NACCC, but you did not feel this was the right opportunity for you on this occasion, you might be interested to look at the Affiliate Membership Options on the NACCC Website

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