NACCC has surveyed its member centres in relation to the pandemic. We have the latest figures (as at 1st October 2020) to share with you. These figures reflect a huge amount of hard work that is going on behind the scenes ensuring risk assessments, equipment, new layouts and safety procedures are all in place. We are not wanting to put pressure on centres to reopen as it is of utmost importance that centres reopen safely.

  • 46% of supported centres are now open, with 31% making plans to reopen. 23% were still closed for the time being. [On 3rd August 2020 17% of supported centres were open with 50% making plans to reopen]
  • 78% of enhanced accredited centres are now open, with 20% making plans to reopen. 2% were still closed for the time being. [On 3rd August 2020 50% were open with 34% making plans to reopen]
  • The majority of supported centres (69%) thought that it would not be until into 2021 before they could work with the number of families that they would have expected prior to lockdown. 44% of enhanced centres thought the same.
  • 75% of enhanced centres and 38% of supported centres had been able to offer virtual contact during this period
  • 84% of enhanced centres and 31% of supported centres now hope to offer virtual contact alongside face to face services

Please see the report download for full details.

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