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Address (not for correspondence):
c/o Feltham Hill Infant School, Bedfont Road, Feltham, London, TW13 4LZ

Opening hours

Days & Times: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm & Saturdays 8am till 6pm

Centre charges

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Escorted contact

Accepts self referrals

Enhanced Accredited

Virtual Contact (Supported)

Virtual Contact (Supervised)

To make a referral,

Telephone: 0208 890 9355

Alternative: 07794 777780




Telephone: 0208 890 9355

Alternative: 07794 777780


Accreditation Summary

Date: 04/05/2021


This is a new Enhanced Accreditation. The centre has vision and passion for their work, and they have been planning the opening of a child contact centre for 9 years.

The venue is solid and compact within a space that allows for two contact rooms, an office, a reception/waiting room and roomy disabled friendly utilities. There is a small back garden backing onto a park area but is contained. The venue and immediate surround usable space is securely gated. There has been some structural work done internally to allow for an easy flow of space from the front door through to the back office and the larger of the two contact rooms. The space is well laid out and inviting. In consideration of the Covid procedures and regulations the rooms are also large enough to accommodate two adults and two children. Staff will always be masked and hygiene stations available in the rooms as well as in the hallway. All toys are washable or wipeable.

The centre is keen to start offering a service to the local people and are fully aware of the issues that are likely to come with the families.

Contact 4 Families have received Enhanced Accreditation and will be monitored/supported for the first year as a new Accreditation.

Photos from this centre

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