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This centre is using our Safe Referral System, to find out more click here


Safe Referral System (SRS)

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Alternative: 07946 162282


We are using the NACCC Safe Referral System.
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Alternative: 07946 162282



Retford Contact Centre provides a safe space, with a garden, where children can meet the parents they don't live with. We offer a warm welcome, a play area with toys and games for parents and children, refreshments and trained, friendly staff and volunteers. There is also good disabled access. For families using us for a handover service we are only a 2-minute walk to the shops, cafes and nearby market. We can also assist if parents do not wish to meet. No reports will be made about what occurs during the time the family spend at the centre, unless our staff feel the child is at risk. We’re open every Saturday afternoon, 1-4pm. We don’t charge for your referral apart from a small referral fee by NACCC. Please apply via NACCC’s online Safe Referral System ONLY: Following an online referral via NACCC and subsequent acceptance, our referrals co-ordinator will contact you to make individual appointments for a pre-visit.

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Our centre is based in the centre of Retford, with good road and rail links, both from the A1 and using the East Coast and cross country railway lines.

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Centre only accepts self referrals via NACCC Self-Referral System (SRS)

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