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Address (not for correspondence):
Westwood House, Wagg Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4BA

Opening hours

Days & Times: Saturdays weekly 9am to 12.40pm. Strictly by appointment only.

Centre charges

No charge made for referring or attending. Voluntary contributions are accepted,

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Accepts self referrals


To make a referral,

Address: Westwood House Child Contact Centre, Wagg Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4BA

Telephone: 01260 548629




Telephone: 01260 548629


Notes from this centre

Attendance is subject to the acceptance of a satisfactory referral and the completion of preliminary interviews with parents and children.. Please note that due to the high number of referrals we are currently receiving, the waiting time from acceptance of a referral to arranging interviews is now eight to ten weeks. We are keeping this under constant review. All new enquiries and referrals are placed immediately on to our waiting list so your application slot is secure. Please do call us to discuss and we will do all we can to commence contacts as soon as possible. COVID : Covid restrictions have been lifted at our centre and we are gradually returning to pre-covid contact numbers. Hand sanitisation is encouraged and the wearing of face coverings is voluntary. We do request that anybody with suspected Covid symptoms or who has received a positive test, does not attend until they test negative (Updated 11.3.22)

Accreditation Summary

Date: 02/09/2021


Westwood Child Contact Centre is situated in premises that are part of Trinity Methodist Church and is open every Saturday morning. The contact centre has good transport links and is close to the town centre and bus station. The centre mainly uses the ground floor for contact with three interconnected rooms including the kitchen area plus a separate small room that is used for pre-meetings or a waiting room when necessary. There is also a large garden with outdoor equipment and toys.

The centre co-ordinator is very experienced and efficient and has been involved with the centre since its beginning over twenty years ago. During the pandemic the centre went to great lengths to remain open with measures put in place to ensure the safety of families and volunteers running the service. Management is strong and volunteer numbers have been maintained through the pandemic partly attributable to the good, ongoing communication with them by the co-ordinator throughout the period

Pre-visit and review meetings are thorough and always include the children which is appreciated by the parents using the service. This is a efficiently run service which meets the standards for accreditation.

Photos from this centre

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