Venue details

Address (not for correspondence):
The Convent, 11 Bridge Gate, Derby, Derbyshire, DE1 3AU

Opening hours

Days & Times: Monday to Saturday - We are flexible in our approach to offering appointments and take in each individuals needs when booking appointments

Centre charges

Details available on request

Services available here

Supported contact

Supervised contact

Accepts self referrals

Enhanced Accredited

To make a referral,

Telephone: 01332 242525




Telephone: 01332 242525


Accreditation Summary

Date: 03/04/2021


This is a new service that has not yet delivered child contact. However, they are very experienced at working with women and children and have all the skills and resources needed to be an outstanding provision. The centre will effectively demonstrate meeting and exceeding the NACCC Standards.

The centre has beautiful buildings and grounds that will make a unique and impressive service where families will benefit as a result.

The staff working at the centre have the skills, qualifications, ongoing training and supervision to provide families with the support that they need to progress from a child contact centre to alternative arrangements that have the potential to effectively ensure the long-term sustainability of the interventions they are delivering.

The assessor had no hesitation in recommending the centre for reaccreditation and had no doubt that they have the makings of a great NACCC Member.

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