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The Stourvale Centre, 108 Stourvale Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH6 5JB

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Address: The Stourvale Centre, 108 Stourvale Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH6 5JB

Telephone: 01202 434310




Telephone: 01202 434310


This centre is accredited to provide supervised contact

Accreditation is a way of checking that your contact centre is safe and meets our standards.

How is a centre checked?

An assessorSomeone working on our behalf who has experience and an interest in child contact services and must assess if a service meets our standards. looks round the centre’s rooms, toys, equipment, and any outside play areas to make sure that they are safe and good for you to use. They talk with the people at the centre to make sure that they are trained and helped to do their job as well as possible. They then check the informationThe assessor checks through the centre’s accreditation portfolio which includes policies, procedures, risk assessments, reports (if the service offers supervised contact) and information for families. on what happens at the centre and how it keeps you safe. If your family time happens in the community The service might use local community venues to deliver their service or in some cases, residential properties including family members’ homes, where this is safe and appropriate., then the assessor will check that this is going to be safe for you.

When the assessor is happy that a centre meets our standards then they are awarded their accreditation and you can find them on this website. Accreditation happens every three years with extra checks if needed.

Accreditation Summary

Date: 24/11/2022


The YMCA is a longstanding organisation which was founded in 1848, with Bournemouth becoming a part of it in 1879. The Stourvale Centre provided by YMCA Bournemouth is based at Pokesdown and Stourvale Children’s Centre, in Southbourne, Bournemouth. The outreach venue connected to this centre is YMCA Townsend which is used for contact for older children due to the facilities. Stourvale is better at catering for younger children, under 8 years. Services offered are all types of contact – supervised, supported and handovers and the centre accepts referrals from local authority and private law cases.

The Stourvale Centre is situated on Stourvale Road, in Southbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset. Southbourne is a quiet, largely residential area with a selection of cafes and restaurants on Southbourne Grove. There are some lovely walks nearby leading to the beach.

Contact is offered within the Childrens centre building, both on the ground level within the Childrens centre and upstairs which is more of an open space. There are areas where parents can play and spend quiet times with their children, as well as there being a TV and a pool  table. The contact facilities provide for a range of ages and stages of development and there is a wide variety of toys and resources.

The centre has a garden area, with AstroTurf and pathing. The garden is secure with a tall fence and no one can access it unauthorised. There are daily risk assessments completed.

Bathrooms are clean and maintained and the children are thought about with low sinks, potties and steps to assist getting up to the sinks. There is a baby changing facility.

A health and safety/Risk assessment check is done of the premises every day to ensure that the building is fit for purpose and safe for families and staff.

The centre works with Bournemouth University and recruits part time workers who are completing their Social Work or Psychology training. This is a real asset to the centre as they are able to bring their skill set to the organisation and also practise their acquired learning. Currently the centre has social workers, play workers and a graduate psychology student on the team who bring a variety of skills and knowledge to their roles.

NACCC would definitely recommend this service for re-accreditation and wish the staff all the very best for their future working with parents.


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