Just to let you know your Spring issue of Contact Matters is ready, featuring:

  • Spotlight on Swan Family Centres in Bedford and Brixton
  • How parenting plans, SPIPS and mediation can help parents using your service …
  • Campaign and comment – please do take note
  • Complaints advice – “We are working with parents at a difficult time in their lives; they may be afraid that they may lose touch with their child, or that their ex will turn the child against them…”
  • Sustainability feature – it’s time to join the online community and empower your fantastic volunteers!

Elizabeth Coe (NACCC’s CEO) would like to bring to your attention how easy it is to order the free Parenting Plans for your centre. They are free to order online, you can order up to 200 at a time from Cafcass (England only)

See the regular features – update on training, coffee shop, accreditation, long service awards and of course, all the celebrations happening round the country raising awareness of the vital job you all do for local families.

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