Hey there! Ever heard of mediation?

It’s like having a friendly referee and helper when two people have a bit of a squabble.

 Let me break it down for you:

 What’s Mediation? Okay, imagine you and your friend are having a bit of a disagreement.

Mediation is like inviting a cool friend (we call them a mediator) to help sort things out.

 The Cool Mediator is like the superhero of fairness.

They don’t pick sides; they’re just there to make sure both of you get a chance to talk and share your thoughts. Fair play is their motto!

 Mediators try to help you and your parents when they fall out and cannot agree on things like where you will live; and what time you will spend in each of their homes.

How it Works: First, the mediator chats with each of your parents separately to understand what’s going on. No secrets spilled – it’s all super confidential. The mediator takes to both of them taking turns so they hear both sides of the story. It’s like a talking relay race, and everyone gets a chance.

Then it is brainstorming Time:  everyone comes up with different ideas to solve the problem with the mediator as a guide.

 Your voice

You can be involved as well with some special time to talk to the mediator on your own or you can leave it to your mum and dad with the mediator if you prefer.

 Everyone tries to come up with the coolest Solution that suits everyone, especially you, and then the mediator helps write down what was decided, so everyone knows what is happening next.

It’s all about teamwork, being heard, and finding solutions together.

So if your parents do not live together anymore and they are not getting on very well mediation is a good way to try to make things a bit better.

Content written by CCFM Mediation