‘Child outcomes after parental separation’ was commissioned by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to examine how parental separation might affect children’s well-being. Relationship organisation One Plus One has reported on this new research which presents findings from the ‘Millennium Cohort Study’. They report that “Higher levels and quality of contact with the non-resident parent could indicate that, following separation, children continue to have a stable (and possibly good) continued relationship with the non-resident parent and that the separated parents are more likely to collaborate and co-parent – which in turn could positively affect children’s well-being and adjustment post separation. Conversely, experiencing court involvement could indicate that parents have experienced disagreements during the separation and possibly also during the post-separation phases, which could be negatively associated with children’s emotional well-being and behaviours.”

NACCC accredited child contact services provide the opportunity for a child to maintain good quality contact with their separated parent. They are used when communication has broken down between parents and a safe neutral environment is needed to help maintain children’s valuable relationships with the parent who has moved away from the family home. A recent pilot project undertaken by the National Association of Child Contact Centres during 2014-15 gave support to separated parents using child contact services to complete parenting plans and encourage attendance at mediation meetings. These resources help to encourage and equip parents in the future co-parenting of their children when they no longer need the child contact service. Following this pilot many centres are continuing in this valuable work, and see the Parenting Plan as an essential tool for parents.

More info from One Plus One: http://www.oneplusone.org.uk/blog/child-outcomes-parental-separation-variations-contact-court-involvement/

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