The Coffee Shop Live is your place to talk with your peers about the things that matter to you in your role at Child Contact Centres. All are welcome, including volunteers, staff, students, trustees, directors, and anyone else working with your service.

We invite you to bring your own agenda, drink, and biscuits. The time can be used to talk about anything that is relevant to the operation of child contact centres and we can share the experiences, memories, knowledge, and wisdom of other members. 

We tend to invite Expert Speakers to Coffee Shop Sessions to share relevant knowledge and learning. Coffee Shops will have a theme for some sessions, allowing members the opportunity to make presentations to other members about a special interest or area of expertise that they may have. 

Currently, our Coffee Shop Live Invitations are sent to your centre email accounts, but we recognise that you won’t always see them there. If you would like to be kept informed about the NACCC Coffee Shop Live using a different email address, please complete the following form and we will email you reminders and updates a week or so prior to each session taking place.


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