The National Association of Child Contact Centres are thrilled to announce that The Parenting Apart Programme have joined our effort to celebrate the work of our #CovidHero’s from NACCC Accredited Child Contact Services during covid-19.

Child Contact Services have played an essential role throughout the pandemic and their selfless work and volunteering has meant that children have been able to maintain relationships with the people they love, but no longer life with. Their selfless work has included providing virtual child contact using a specially developed app and face to face services, where this has been safe and appropriate.

Research shows that inconsistent relationships with parents can be harmful for children and that the effects of this can be lifelong. NACCC Accredited Contact Services have put the needs of other families before their own in combatting this.

The primary focus of The Parenting Apart Programme enables parents to develop healthy and respectful working parent relationship so that they can continue to have positive relationships with their child/ren.

In offering their support to NACCC and therefore to #CovidHero’s Kam Kaur from the Parenting Apart Programme commented that it is “an absolute honour to be able to support this event and to be able to celebrate such exceptional people who have done so much to improve the lives of children and families”.

Over the coming weeks, NACCC will commence sharing the stories behind the nominations received and the categories of which people will be awarded. This exciting news will be released incrementally through our website and social media platforms.

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