Covid heroes is our way of celebrating the people that have kept children in touch with their loved ones throughout the pandemic. Forget the Oscars, the Grammys and the Baftas, this is the hottest ticket in town, and it is all to recognise the excellence of the NACCC Membership.

It is with great excitement and pride that we are now able to announce the Parenting Apart Programme as the Ceremony Sponsors and we are very much looking forward to having a speaker from the organisation along to tell us more about their work. More information about the Parenting Apart Programme is available on our YouTube Channel. Whilst there don’t forget to subscribe.

When confirming their support for the event Kam Kaur, Parenting Apart Consultant, commented that it was “an absolute honour to be able to support this event and to be able to celebrate such exceptional people who have done so much to improve the lives of children and families”.

“This event was never in doubt. We have been passionate about it, since its conception, but the support of the Parenting Apart Programme now moves us to the next level and will ensure that this is a special occasion for all.” Phil Coleman, NACCC Service Development Manager.

Thanks for nominating your Covid heroes!

We received 49 nominations from parents, centre staff and volunteers. It has to be said that all of the nominations received demonstrate such a high level of dedication and the task of shortlisting is going to be one that is inspiring and challenging for Elizabeth. How you pick the winners from those nominated is an undertaking in itself. For more information about those nominated follow our website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Over the next few weeks, we will begin to share some of the stories behind the nominations.

There are so many people who have gone above and beyond to help their communities this last year. The categories are as follows and the winners of each category will be entitled to use a version of the following logos:

Voluntary Service during Covid-19: This will be awarded to volunteers (including trustees or students) that went (or wanted to go) above and beyond in order to get child contact services to families. Staff Service during Covid-19: This will be awarded to paid staff (including managers and others) that went (or wanted to go) above and beyond, to get child contact services to families. Innovative Practice: There are two awards in the Enhanced Member category and Supported Member Category. These awards will be granted to centres for innovating during Covid-19 in order to minimise disruption for children and families. Covid Hero: This special award will be chosen by NACCC’s CEO and will be allocated to one person or centre that embodies all that NACCC and child contact centres stand for.

The awards will be presented during an awards ceremony and we will be announcing the date of this very soon.

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