Elizabeth Coe and Phil Coleman from NACCC are immensely proud to continue supporting Bob and Rebecca at Only Mums & Only Dads. Dr Rudkin, Bob and Rebecca have been continuing their work to develop resources for professionals and the general public alike. “The 101 Questions about Separating with Children” are a really helpful range of books helping people to make sense of the situations they’re experiencing.

This 2nd edition has three major updates. Firstly, Covid-19 has brought with it some significant changes to the way family courts are operating. Secondly, they have included details of solicitors who have signed up to the Covid Green Phone Initiative, donating their time to give free initial guidance to male and female victims of domestic abuse. Finally, with thanks to the Transparency Project, they have included their comprehensive guide to remote hearings.

This book is available in print or digitally and more information can be found about how to access your copy here.

The authors are experienced professionals working with families where parental separation creates difficulties and they hope that their work will provide answers to the following, most common problems:

  1. Improving relationship and communication skills with their ex-partner.
  2. Determining (often with the help of external advice and support) just what is best for their child(ren).
  3. The processes and actual mechanics of the mediation, family law support services, family courts and the law itself.

Furthermore, Bob and Rebecca are also looking for support to be able to get this guide to the people who most need this, free of charge. However, they can only do so with the support of generous individuals and organisations. So, if you think you might be able to help them you can access more information about how to do this here.

If your interested in the work of Only Mums & Only Dads, why not check out the video we jointly made for NACCC Members from our 2020 AGM

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