Setting up, managing and running a child contact service is something that needs to be carefully planned. Your overall objective needs to be the creation of an environment where families and children will feel both comfortable and safe.

You need to begin by acting on the following points. Once you have completed these actions you can become a candidate member and become accredited.

The need for a service in your area

  • Have you spoken to Cafcass, local solicitors, local courts and other child contact services operating in your area at present?
  • If you are planning to open a supervised child contact centre, have you spoken to local authorities in your area to see whether they would use your service to facilitate contact for looked-after children?


  • Have you identified anywhere?
  • Where is it?
  • When is it available?
  • What facilities does it have?


  • Will you be using volunteers, paid staff or a combination of the two to run your service?
  • How many volunteers/staff will you need to run your service?
  • How will you be recruiting?


  • How much is it going to cost to set up and then run your service for a year?
  • Where is this money going to come from?

By joining NACCC you can access various membership benefits including the provision of national standards and accreditation support – practical support and advice helping your centre achieve and maintain accreditation.

Accreditation must be achieved within a six-month period. On becoming a candidate member of NACCC you are allocated an assessor who checks your portfolio (containing all your policies and procedures). They will also complete a site visit before signing off your accreditation.

Find out how to join as a candidate.

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