If you have been referred to a contact centre by a professional, they might be contractually obliged to refer you to a specific service, these won’t always be accredited by NACCC and might not be the closest one to where you live. Often this will be related to how they are funding the service. If you want to use a centre that is different to the one you have been referred to, it is worth discussing this with the referrer, in case they can help.

If you have a court order, this will sometimes name a specific contact centre. Court orders will always be for NACCC accredited services. If you are unsure, do check the wording of the order though – increasingly they will order a contact centre to be used but not name a specific service.

If you are referring yourself it would be usual to use the closest NACCC accredited contact centre to the child’s home address. Exceptions to this might occur if one parent cannot know the child’s home address.

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