If you are having supervised contact the staff will write a summary of what happened at the session. You might see them writing or typing notes that help them remember what happened, but sometimes they have a great memory and won’t need to take these notes.

If you are unsure whether notes are being taken its ok to ask about this and the centre will be able to tell you if they are taking notes and who they will be sharing these with.

If there are no other professionals working with your family the centre will have agreed who to give the notes too. If there are other professionals, they would usually be able to see these notes. These professionals might then use these to think about the future and what might be best for you.

Top Tip – professionals will always want to know what is best for you and if you do not tell them they might try to work this out for themselves. If you have ideas about how you want things to be, make sure people know about this. They might not agree with you about what is best, but if you tell them they should record this and take what you say seriously.

If you are having supported contact, you won’t usually see any notes being taken. Supported centres will make notes about dates and times that you use the centre, but they will not make any notes about what happens within the session itself.

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