The charities Families Need Fathers and FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru have launched a new manifesto calling for key changes to family law. The organisations are calling on newly elected MPs to pledge their support for this plan which contains four key themes:

  1. The reduction and resolution of conflict
  2. The promotion of responsible shared parenting
  3. The encouragement of best outcomes for children and families
  4. Reducing the financial burden on both the taxpayer and the families themselves

The manifesto proposes the concept of standing temporary orders – flexible to provide a schedule of care across a spectrum, from the familiar ‘every other weekend and half the holidays’ to a full 50/50 division.Families Need Fathers

FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru

To download the report please click on the Adobe Reader icon below. If you do not have the correct software installed then you can download free viewers. ( PDF Reader )

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