Since your parents split up there might have been some really big changes in your world. This can be really hard to get used to. 

Sometimes you might have moved to a new home or school for example. If you have moved home, it is normal to miss some of the things from your old home. 

Often children tell us that they were not able to take a pet, clothing, or other items in your room. We know how upsetting it can be when you are missing things from your past. 

It is also possible that one of your parents has now got into a relationship with somebody new, which leads to the possibility of stepfamilies and so on.

It can be really difficult when it comes to working out where you fit within the new family set up and building relationships with step siblings. Relationships with stepparents can also be difficult. 

Things do get better though and all of your worries at the moment will soon become memories. Tell people how you’re feeling, they will want to help you. With time these things tend to iron themselves out.