In this video, Charlie, Stan, Robin, and Sam introduce children and young people to the NACCC Stories available on this website.

Watch the video to find out how four different children get on at a family visit service.

A beautiful story about a young person wanting his parents to get back together and later realising that this might not be what’s for the best.

Your parents deciding to separate might be one of the hardest things you experience in your life. We have put this video together to share a few hints, tips, and handy reminders.

In this video, Poppy tells us about some of the changes that took place in her life and what this was like for her.
In this video, we learn about children’s and young people’s rights when parents separate.

Cafcass videos

Cafcass stands for Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service, but they use Cafcass because it is much shorter and easier to say. They work with children and young people in family court cases. They make sure that your voices are heard, and decisions are taken in your best interests. Parents sometimes find it hard to agree on important things and ask the court for help. The Cafcass website explains how this works.

The Cafcass videos below share the experiences of other children and young people whose parents have split up. If you want to talk with someone about your situation, you can contact Childline or Meic directly to get help and advice.

What children want

Children and young people talking about what they would like to happen after their parents have separated. Cafcass (2015).

Taking me seriously – letting you know how we help

Video produced by Cafcass (2023) with members of the Family Justice Young People’s Board.

Family mediation

If your parents have just split up or are getting a divorce, they might need to talk to a mediation service to sort out arrangements. Ministry of Justice (2016)

Want to contact Childline? Find out how they can help and what happens when you do.
Children and young people talking about their parents’ separation (from Cafcass)
Jahméne’s experience of domestic abuse (from Childline)
Meic – Crucial Crew (ENG) Want to contact Meic? They are on your side.
Meic – Crucial Crew (CYM) Want to contact Meic? They are on your side.
Meic – Is anyone listening? “I found my voice with the help of an advocate. You don’t have to feel sad, worried or alone anymore. You can find your voice too.”
Meic – Oes unrhyw un yn gwrando? “Dwi wedi dod o hyd i fy llais gyda chymorth eiriolwr. Nid oes rhaid i ti barhau i boeni, teimlo’n drist neu deimlo’n unig. Gallet ti ddod o hyd i dy lais hefyd.”