Elizabeth Coe is the CEO of NACCC and on most occasions will be the guest speaker attending events on behalf of the Team. Elizabeth been working with children and families since the 1970’s and has significant experience in working with children and their families. Her roles have taken her from Probation to Social Work, with time as a Cafcass Director in between.

Elizabeth is very passionate about the work that we do and the importance of making sure that we provide services that are safe and effective for children and their families. She is able to attend live or virtual events, including television and radio.

Any quest speaker attending on behalf of NACCC will always be the highest of quality and usually Qualified Social Workers, Mediators and a range of other professionals meaning that we bring a wide breadth of experience. All who speak on behalf of NACCC are passionate about ensuring that the voice of the child (or young person) is firmly embedded into all the content delivered.

To talk about any specific needs, requirements or costs please do email contact@naccc.org.uk or telephone 0115 948 4557.