You may be already aware that in the early hours of Wednesday 25th October, severe flooding devastated the entire downstairs floor of Tidal Family Support, (enhanced accredited member in Ryde on the Isle of Wight). Dirty water filled the offices, playrooms, sensory rooms and more. The water soaked through toys, books, paperwork, furniture and carpets.

In order to re-open and continue their vital work for families on the island, Tidal needs help to raise just over £5000 to replace what they lost.

There are many things that Tidal’s families lost during the flood, countless personal items with sentimental value. Although we can’t get those back, we can at least help Tidal to open their doors once again.

If you are able to offer any support, whether it be a message of support or a donation to help with their appeal, this will be much appreciated.

Here is a link to their fundraising page:

Please consider if you or your organisation is able support Tidal’s appeal to get their vital service up and running again. We completely appreciate that this may not be possible but wanted to make you aware.

Thank you for your time.

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