Recommended Services.

The following services are recommended:

(1) For more information about family mediation and to find the nearest mediation service (including those providing a MIAM):;

(2) For a Guide about children and the family courts for separating parents (including representing yourself in court): the form 'CB7':

(3) For Cafcass (England):

(4) For CAFCASS Cymru (Wales):

(5) To find a legal adviser or family mediator:

(6) To check whether you can get financial help (legal aid) to pay for non-court dispute resolution, &/or advice and representation at court, and to find a legal aid solicitor or mediator: 

(7) For general advice about sorting out arrangements for children, the use of post-separation mediation, &/or going to court: or 

(8) For general advice on separation services and options for resolving disputes:

(9) For general advice about sorting out arrangements for children:

(10) For the form to apply for a child arrangements order: 

(11) For help with taking a case to court without a lawyer, the Personal Support Unit:

(12) For guidance on representing yourself at court, including a list of commonly used terms that you may come across:

(13) For advice about finding and using a family law solicitor see: Law Society, and Resolution (family lawsolicitors):

(14) For advice about finding using a family law barrister: see, and for arrangements for using a barrister directly see