Matchmothers is a charity to support, help, guide and signpost all mothers who are living apart from their children.  We are proud of our MATCHLINE, a free phone line for mothers to speak with understanding to separated mothers who can advise and more importantly offer a sympathetic ear. Matchmothers is very happy to be working alongside the NACCC.  Many of our mothers have or are in a court process where the Judge has allowed contact, supervised or not with their children through a contact centre and I support this form of contact as I know how responsibly the NACCC is organised and always helpful.

When a mother calls us up and is desperately looking for us to supply the answers to solve the separation problem, we immediately suggest contact centres. I had to use a contact centre in 2003.  It enabled me to see all three of my children and presumably things are even better 18 years on……for Mums seeing their lovely children. made an application to the Lottery Community Fund for finance for our members who can only see their children in a contact centre. Due to the Covid pandemic many Mums have faced financial difficulties and the last thing that they want affected is the precious time with their children.

A story that defined these problems came to us on our phone line from a Mum of two young boys in the Hastings area. Her access to the children was ordered as contact for 2 hours per week.  The allocated centre was costing £120 per week.  As many of us would agree this cost for 2 hours contact is very expensive, especially as the mother’s job only paid the minimum wage of £8.20 per hour.

So now with the Lottery funding we would like to help mothers facing the finance problem. As of the 14th April we will contribute £50 towards every hour of contact actioned in a NACCC accredited contact centre. The Mum will be able to send us a photograph of the receipt/invoice and we will reimburse to their bank account or send a cheque.

Thank you to all staff that can guarantee special memories are made in a contact centre.

Rosalind Barton,

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