This page will be used for sharing information with Child Contact Services, in a succinct way, so that it can form a bit of a communications library and point of reference. We will continue to communicate with you in the way we always have and hope that this page complements this.

Code of Conduct Consultation. 16.11.2020

NACCC are currently working with the Information Commissioners Office and Information Age, to review the way we ensure that centres are meeting expected requirements around the protection of people’s personal data.

We have been running a consultation on this since the AGM. We are now reaching a point whereby we will be beginning to look at how to progress and therefore, closing the consultation period from 16.12.2020.

For more information about the proposed changes, we have put together this video.

To take part in the consultation and to offer any feedback, please click here.

Information Sharing – 16.11.2020

NACCC has taken delivery of a letter that we were not expecting. This came to us via Royal Mail and contained a quantity of personal information about a family using a child contact centre.

We did not know this information had been posted to us and had no lawful reason to see the information. If you need to send information to NACCC (or any other organisation), please make sure you communicate this plan, prior to doing so.

When in a situation whereby you plan to share personal information, please consider; what information you are sharing with us and what the basis for this is.

When sharing information with NACCC, or anyone else it is important to consider:

  1. Does NACCC need this information?
  2. Is there a lawful reason for sharing this information?
  3. Am I sharing it in the most appropriate way?

It is important to remember that you have duties to fulfil in terms of data protection and GDPR.

If you are ever unsure, speak to us or Information Age, first. We would always rather be overly cautious than seeing any member with a significant fine for breaching regulations or worse still inadvertently leaking data that might make a family vulnerable.