Where do you start?

Organisations or individuals that are seeking membership of NACCC are normally in one of two positions. They are either established services or they are looking into setting up and running a service. We have therefore created two different routes that individuals or organisations need to follow to secure their accreditation by and membership of NACCC:

1. Are you looking to set up and run a new service?

2. Are you an established, existing centre?

NACCC supports around 300 contact centres across the UK; providing a voice for accredited centres and promoting their role with national and regional decision makers. By joining NACCC you can access the following membership benefits:

  1. Provision of national standards and accreditation support – practical support and advice helping your centre achieve and maintain accreditation.
  2. Training programme and our DBS checking service for you and your team.
  3. AGM and conference – giving you the opportunity to update practice and network with staff and volunteers from across the UK.
  4. Website information and telephone advice for parents wishing to use your centre.
  5. Safeguarding advice line and access to our online Safe Referral System (used by over 50 accredited centres providing supported contact).