As its name suggests this information is for existing services.

  • If you are in this position please complete the Membership Application Form for Candidate status (which includes the Working Agreement). This can be downloaded here:
  • Your completed form then needs to be returned along with your payment and a signed copy of the Working Agreement. 
  • Make sure you indicate on the form whether you will be providing supported contact or supervised contact. If you will be providing supervised contact make sure that you indicate whether the centre will operate from a fixed address (we call this child contact centre accreditation) or if you will be operating without a specific venue (we call this child contact service accreditation (CCS)).
  • Fact sheets on the different types of accreditation can be found in the downloads below.
  • Within fourteen days of us receiving your completed form you will be sent a letter confirming your Candidate status and giving you information about NACCC’s accreditation process for child contact services. This is because you will be expected to enter into and complete this process within six months of your candidate status being approved.
  • Once your service has been accredited it will then become a full member of NACCC, allowed to use our logo and charged an annual membership fee.

Your service’s accreditation by NACCC will last for a period of three years. You will then be asked to complete a re-accreditation process to maintain your membership and accreditation by NACCC.

Any member centres found to be operating outside of NACCC’s National Standards and accreditation processes will be suspended from membership. They will then be removed from membership altogether if they fail to address and resolve the issues that have resulted in them operating outside of NACCC’s National Standards and accreditation processes.

Before completing your application for Candidate status we would advise you to look at the Standards section of this website. And finally, you need to be aware that CAFCASS, the courts and an ever increasing number of local authorities require child contact services to be accredited members of NACCC before they will make referrals to them and use their services. We look forward to receiving your application for Candidate status membership of NACCC.

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