Splitting up is hard enough, but when children are involved the process becomes even more complicated and painful.

Last year OnePlusOne, the charity that created the ParentConnection, developed Put Kids First, a free online programme that offers separated parents everything they need to achieve shared childcare.

Designed with mediators, healthcare professionals and experts in child well-being, the programme is the first of its kind to help parents understand and manage the stress that comes with co-parenting.

Developing the skills to stay calm, express yourself clearly and negotiate when faced with opposition is essential in ensuring that children are not caught in the middle – and with over a third of kids feeling like one parent is trying to turn them against the other during separation, these skills could prevent a huge amount of worry.

Once parents have decided that they’re able to make decisions without anger, guilt or anxiety getting in the way of what’s best for the kids, the parenting plan makes working together as stress-free as possible, by allowing users to access and customise their plans entirely online, without even being in the same room.

It will even send an email notification whenever a change is made, meaning that arrangements can be tried and tested until you’ve both agreed on the best plan for your children.
For more information, or to take a look around, visit www.splittingup-putkidsfirst.org.uk

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