Recently NACCC has been awarded the Quality Endorsement Licence (QEL). This has involved being inspected and audited by the Open College Network in order to ensure that our Training resources meet their exacting standards in the following areas:

Standard 1 – Leadership and Management

Standard 2 – Quality of Resources

Standard 3 – Quality Assurance

Standard 4 – Learner Support

Standard 5 – Legislation

Standard 6 – Quality of Courses and Assessment

As I’m sure you will appreciate, a lot of work has gone into this. The focus of this work has been to impove our practice and demonstrate to our members and the general public that the work we do is professional and to a good standard. What the certification provides is an additional level of oversight in terms of our practice as well as the reasurance that our training is outstanding in terms of the learning and oppertunities it provides. Additionally, oganisations that have achieved this level of accreditation have shown themselves to:

  • Operate with integrity
  • Maintain high standards of delivery
  • Continually monitor and improve their practice
  • Work in partnership with Open College Network West Midlands

You will notice some slight changes in the way that training is delivered particularly in regard to the way that we evidence your learning and development. You will also be issued with professional, smart looking certificates when you engage on a training course that is certified by the programme.

Achieving this was a significant deal for NACCC and it took the contribution of the entire team.

We could have stopped there…

But, no…

NACCC has also been awarded certification under the Open College Networks Quality Endorsement Licence Plus (QEL+). This is similar to the QEL but relates to our Accreditation Process. Again, this was a separate process that looked at the quality and integrity of our Accreditation Process and the procedures linked to this. NACCC were assessed against the same standards already listed for a second time, in the accreditation domain. Achieving this also shows that NACCC ensure we have robust policies and quality systems in place to give our members and other key stakeholders added confidence in the quality of service we provide. QEL+ increases the value of our accreditation process in the eyes of people whom might be interested in understanding how robust the process is.

You won’t notice any significant changes in the way that your accreditation takes place as a result of this certification, however, you will notice some very smart certificates coming your way when the process is complete.

Philip Coleman, Service Development Manager

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