Please note the Safe Referral System is being decommissioned. We will not be accepting new referrals after Friday 23rd February 2024. If you do not live with your child, you will need to ensure that you and the other parent submits your applications by the 23rd February, otherwise you will have to contact your local centre direct. We will need both your applications submitting by 23rd February to process your referral.

NACCC operates a secure online referral system to enable separated parents and other family members to self-refer to accredited child contact centres providing supported contact. Only certain centres use this service. If you need supervised contact then please contact the centre direct rather than use this system.

If you’d like to check on the status of your application, please log in and check under  ‘my status’.

Is my local centre using the Safe Referral System?

Not all NACCC accredited centres are registered on the Safe Referral System. To see if your local centre is using the Safe Referral System please check their page on our ‘find a centre’ service.

  1. Click on Find a centre
  2. Search for your local centre using the quick or advanced search
  3. Click on ‘more details’

If the centre is registered you will see a link on the page which will take you through to the Safe Referral System website (see image below).

Remember, always check on ‘Find a centre‘ to see if your local centre is using the Safe Referral System. If they are not, don’t worry, but you will need to contact the centre direct for instructions on making a referral.

If your local centre is using the Safe Referral System you can register and complete your application