Parents, grandparents, and other family members needing to keep in touch with their child following separation can now search on NACCC’s website to find contact services in their area

Click on Find a Centre to start your search

In response to user feedback, NACCC has improved the search facilities on its ‘Find a Centre’ service.

The service now has an easy search: just tick which service you need and enter your town or postcode. Your local centres will be displayed.  Contact them or check their website for more info…  

STEP 1: Which service do you need? Choose what’s best for your child

NACCC accredited centres offer different services depending on your situation. 

Supported contact is offered by over 300 of centres round the UK and keeps children in touch with parents if trust has broken down or communication is difficult. Parents do not have to meet and several families use facilities at the same time.

Supervised contact is offered by nearly 150 centres and is essential if there is a potential risk of harm to the child needing contact with a family member. The centre ensures the physical safety and emotional well-being of children in a one-to-one observed setting.

Handover service is offered by the majority of centres which are used for a short period as a drop off / pick up point. Again, parents do not have to meet.

Centres offering supervised contact may also offer Specialised supervised services including supervised contact assessment, indirect contact, escorted contact and life-story identity contact.

STEP 2: Where do you need a centre? Enter your town or postcode
You can now search by your local town or postcode to find your nearest centre.

Select how far you can travel.

STEP 3: Search!
Press the search button and details of centres near to you will be displayed and plotted on the map.

Click on ‘more info’ to see if you can self-refer. 

Find your local centre on our website now –

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