. . . & Thanks to our friends at the FJYPB

Our Service Development Manager (Phil Coleman) remains committed to working in a way that best meets the needs of children and their families. After all, it was this that lead him into social work in the first place.

As part of this commitment, he maintains other roles with the NSPCC where he is able to provide direct support that contributes to the safety and emotional wellbeing of children and young people.

Today he found himself in a meeting with other NSPCC Staff and Volunteers, including Dame Esther Rantzen and a Director of the NSPCC, talking about the unique relationship that NACCC has with the Family Justice Young Peoples Board (FJYPB) and the contributions that these young people have made to our practice and professionalism over the years.

The FJYPB has become a crucial partner of NACCC and support us with all sorts, from the inspections of Child Contact Centres to the development of resources for children and young people. We find that their perspective is invaluable and that we improve as professionals every time we work with them.

Most services that are set up to meet the needs of children and young people are run by adults, trying to plan for children and to anticipate their needs. Often this doesn’t translate well, because a child’s world is different from the one, we grew up in, the challenges are different and even if they were similar, every young person has an individual perspective on their situation.

The unique partnership that has developed between NACCC and the FJYPB means that we can do much less of this and that we can allow children and young people to tell us directly what their needs might be and most crucially they can guide us on the best way to address these needs.

One thing that NACCC prides itself on is the way we share our learning and development. This enables other organisations, who also work with children to see and hear about the best parts of what we, and more importantly, the best parts of what our members do.

By working in this way, we hope that our impact for children and young people is much wider than those who pass through the doors of a child contact centre.

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