A father used Cheltenham Child Contact Centre’s supervised service last year as part of the process in sorting out contact arrangements with his daughters. He told Sarah, one of the co-ordinators, how important the centre had been in getting contact re-established:

“Just to let you know that the final hearing went well and next month I can take my daughters out into the community. There is then a stepped arrangements programme in place leading to overnight stays in about six months’ time. Matters progress further from then to weekend stays, shared half terms and school holidays etc so I have to be satisfied with the outcome as I achieved a lot more than I thought I would leading up to the final hearing. Over the next four weeks I need to continue to meet the children at their grandfather’s house. This is difficult, but I just need to persevere as it is only for a few weeks. The use of Cheltenham Contact Centre did play a prominent part in the hearing and I would like to thank both yourself and Pippa for your time and effort. I believe my ex- wife’s refusal to contemplate the use of the Contact Centre demonstrated to the judicial panel that there was a deliberate intention to obstruct and control my access to the children.”

Cheltenham Child Contact Centre is run from the Oasis Centre in Cheltenham. 
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Cheltenham Child Contact Centre is located at the Oasis centre in Cheltenham and offers a supported contact service every Saturday afternoon and supervised services by arrangement.

For more information get in touch with cheltenhamcontact@familyspace.org.uk 



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