We’re loving the arts and crafts rooms at Swan Family centres. Marcia, Divisional Manager for Swan’s centres in Liverpool, Cardiff and Coventry shares the importance of these facilities:

At Swan Family we place great value in obtaining the wishes and feelings of our children, young people and families. Allowing them to have their say has helped us shape our service, particularly how our centres look and the facilities we provide…. From service user input we have introduced arts and crafts rooms within our centres, providing paint, canvases and a range of different materials, with the aim of continuing to promote positive and beneficial family time. Within these rooms we encourage families to create artwork together, promoting hand and footprints, designing cards for different occasions to create lasting memories. Our centres are lined with the canvases that have been decorated by the children and families whilst using the arts and crafts rooms.

Marcia, Divisional Manager

Checkout these canvases created by families, displayed in Swan’s Coventry centre. To ensure the arts and crafts rooms are accessible to all, whilst still maintaining a level of privacy for families, the rooms are limited to one family at a time and need to be booked in advance. There may be an opportunity where rooms have not been booked and are available for a family to make an immediate booking. Swan Family are always open to suggestions on how to improve these spaces and staff utilise this area to gain further feedback through activities.

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