A team of 17 volunteers in Littlehampton are working together to help local children maintain valuable relationships with the parent or family member they are not living with. They were overwhelmed to receive this wonderful feedback from a parent putting into words what their dedication and commitment has meant to them:

Thank you so much for your touching, genuine, unprecedented time and compassion… the fact that you do all this for no motive other than to earnestly secure happiness is a testament you’re Angels on Earth and can’t thank you enough by doing so much with such elevated grace and diplomacy like few can handle.

Feedback from parent using Littlehampton Child Contact Centre

Littlehampton Child Contact Centre in West Sussex has been serving the local community for over 15 years providing supported contact on the first and third Saturday of each month. This centre is run by teams of volunteers overseen by their co-ordinator Jackie.

At their last accreditation their assessor remarked “It is evident that the co-ordinator, volunteers, team leaders and church serving the centre are passionate about supporting families and are willing to complete all the necessary training, access support as and when needed to ensure best outcomes for the families that utilise the service.”

Are you local and in a position to support this worthwhile project? Littlehampton are appealing for donations to help them continue their good work and are also looking for new volunteers. Please email them to for more information on making a donation and check their website for further details on their volunteering opportunities.

To make a donation please email the centre for further details: ltonchildcontactcentre@gmail.com

Find out how to volunteer your time.

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