Phil Coleman, Service Development Manager oversees accreditation and training at NACCC

Training your volunteers is one of the most important tasks that a contact centre has. When this is done well your volunteers feel confident and equipped when engaging with families and they feel empowered to practice in ways that are professional and meaningful to the children and families that you support.

Can I bring to your attention the article on the rise in Local Authority cases at supported contact services Please do consider whether your risk assessment is up to date. Details of NACCC’s Risk Assessment Training can be found in the members area of the NACCC website.

Can I also bring to your attention a new standard is to be introduced in the next update of the Supported Standards (due to be published later this year). “Child Contact Centres should have a staff member / volunteer who is Paediatric First Aid Trained. Centres will then make independent decisions about the levels of training required for other staff / volunteers.” Please see article New first aid standard for supported child contact centres for further details.

Here at NACCC we are always on the lookout for free/low cost training to complement our in-house training programme and have therefore developed a new resource for you featuring the free external training that is available across the UK. Check out our Free training A-Z

Phil Coleman, Service Development Manager

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