Phil Coleman, Service Development Manager oversees accreditation and training at NACCC

Training your volunteers is one of the most important tasks that a contact centre has. When this is done well your volunteers feel confident and equipped when engaging with families and they feel empowered to practice in ways that are professional and meaningful to the children and families that you support. Find out more about thinking creatively about training.

Are you running a supervised centre? One of the best ways to ensure that children and families are protected and offered a high-quality service is to ensure that we invest in the people whom offer the service on behalf of organisations. Families will see this, children will feel safer with the more competent staff and volunteers, parents will be more able to engage on an appropriate level and so on. Checkout how to tackle staff training in difficult times.

Here at NACCC we are always on the lookout for free/low cost training to complement our in-house training programme and have therefore developed a new resource for you featuring the free external training that is available across the UK. Check out our Free training A-Z.

We’ve spotted this free anxiety course run by Social Care TV (available until 5 November 2018). (Please note that NACCC is not recommending any training provider as such, we are sharing this for information purposes only).

Phil Coleman, Service Development Manager

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