Co-ordinator Tammy with volunteers Ann, Angela and Chair Hilary took the plunge into acting and worked with local reporter Kim Horton to produce this amazing video showing the viewer around their centre in Gloucester. They had lines to learn as part of the process and the final video gives a great impression of what it is like to look round their centre and its work helping local children keep in touch with separated parents and other family members. Tammy told us “The video was featured on Gloucestershire Live and really helped to raise our profile in the area”. She laughed “I’m not sure we’ll make it on stage – we’re not ready for an Oscar yet!”.

Hilary’s nerves of steel raises £450 for Gloucester

Tammy also told us about their sponsored zip wire event which was shared on social media “Our Chair Hilary has nerves of steel and took on a sponsored zip wire sailing high above of Gloucester’s High Street in order to raise funds for the centre. We shared the event and final video evidence on Facebook resulting in a lot of interest and 134 views of the video – all helping to raise £450 funds”

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