About Revealed…

We are currently working on our first programme of the new year, which looks at the issues of divorce and the impact this can have on a teenager’s life. Our target audience is 12-17 year olds and the programme’s working title is Revealed….The Perfect Divorce? Here is a link to one of our past programmes so that you can get a sense of what it’s like: http://www.bbc.co.uk/switch/revealed/?story=comingout

For the programme we’ll be speaking with a variety of teens on their own experiences of their parents separating, and hearing their opinions on the changing structures of families today.

We are looking for teens with different experiences of divorce. For instance, one might think that their parents’ divorce was for the best, whereas another might have recently gone through this and is unsure about what to make of it. We are also addressing the issue of what it’s like to suddenly have new step brothers and sisters.

We are ideally looking for students aged 15-17 who were old enough to remember what the divorce was like. I appreciate this is a difficult topic for many and the prog will be handled very sensitively. The transmission date for this piece is Saturday 16th January, BBC 2 at 1340. 

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