What We Do

Keeping children in touch with parents following separation

Our values are:

  • Ensuring children are safe at all times
  • Child centred within the family, where parents work collaboratively and there is a reduction of conflict
  • Promoting equality, celebrating diversity
  • Independent and impartial
  • Respecting individuals, preserving confidentiality
  • Valuing and supporting voluntary service
  • Sharing skills and expertise to achieve better outcomes for children and their families

Supporting centres throughout the United Kingdom

NACCC is the supporting membership body for around 350 child contact centres and services located throughout England (including the Channel Isles), Wales and Northern Ireland. It is the largest in Europe. For details of centres in Scotland please visit Relationships Scotland.

Child contact centres and services are neutral places where children of separated families can enjoy contact with their non-resident parents and sometimes other family members, in a comfortable and safe environment. Nearly four thousand volunteers and two thousand staff work in these centres and thousands of children use them each year.  They are run by a variety of independent organisations that form the membership of NACCC, along with affiliated members such as family lawyers, CAFCASS, CAFCASS CYMRU and the judiciary.

Child contact services are classified into two distinct categories, supported and supervised, so that families can be referred to an appropriate environment and level of support. Special interest groups of NACCC include the Welsh Network and the Northern Ireland Network of child contact centres.


We are working closely with Trimurti in Belgium. These links include reciprocal visits, a programme of development and NACCC help to design their mobile contact centre. Trimurti are a division of COF and are regulated in Belgium by FESER.

Media enquiries

If you are a journalist or a researcher and interested in arranging an interview or would like further information about our charity please contact us

Do you set up referrals and want to find detailed information quickly?

  • If you are a referrer and want to have access to the NACCC Directory of Child Contact Centres then please become an Affiliate. Full details can be found on the Affiliate Subscriber page