When you are about to start using a contact centre, we know that you will have many questions and be feeling lots of difficult emotions. This can be both exciting and scary at the same time and we don’t often feel good and bad emotions all at once.

The centre will understand this, and they will be skilled at supporting you. When you first go to the centre, this will usually be to have a look around and the person it is planned that you will be having contact with will not be there. This gives you a chance to talk to the centre about how your feeling and to ask any questions that are important to you. The centre will always do their best to support with this.

The NACCC website has a range of information that is written with children in mind. You will find answers to many of your questions here. You might want to talk to someone other than your parents or the contact centre. This is a perfectly normal way to feel. If this sounds like your situation Childline (and Meic if you live in Wales) would happily provide the support you need. You do not even need to talk if you don’t want too, they have instant chat and email services too.

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