For some families it might be possible to move on from the service and to be spending time with the people you live with away from the centre. This might mean seeing these people with other family, in public places or even at the home of the person you were seeing at the contact centre. For most families this is what we want to happen. NACCC want contact centres to support families for a small amount of time so that you can move on to better things as soon as this is safe.

Your family might be supported to move on from the centre in several different ways. It might be that you stop using them and this happens quite suddenly. It might also be that this happens more slowly and that for a while you spend some time at the centre and sometime away from the centre.

It’s also possible that when you’re starting to not need the centre any more that you just use this as a place to meet up with the person you do not live with any more and then you leave the centre to spend time with this person.

If you do not live with either of your parents and have a social worker, it might be the case that you always use a contact centre or another service that works in a similar way. This is ok. They will support you with this and hopefully make this as good of an experience as it can be for you.

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