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Alternative: 07584 341265


Accreditation Summary

Date: 12/03/2024


Children’s Links is a charity that works with children, families and communities to change children’s lives for the better. They run five child contact centres in Lincolnshire with additional centres in other areas. The assessor was able to visit Lincoln and Grantham Child Contact Centres but was sent relevant pictures taken by the leaders of the centres in Spalding, Skegness and Gainsborough.  All centres operate in a very similar way and the necessary documents for reaccreditation were received by the assessor in time for the initial visit to Lincoln.

Children’s Links Contact Centre – Spalding is located near the main town centre in Spalding. The centre operates out of a community centre building that is funded and maintained by Lincolnshire County Council. It has its own carpark and local transport and shops are a short walk away.

The family centre building used for supported contact sessions is bright, friendly, clean, tidy, spacious and warm, with good resources for children and adults partaking in contact sessions.

Children’s Links has produced leaflets along with excellent information on their website regarding the processes for supported and other types of contact available. The centre has robust systems in place designed to prepare people for using the service and lessening any potential anxiety. Their planning and preparation help people to know what they can expect from the service and what the service will expect from them in return.

Children’s Links provides a professional service that is managed by a well organised and dedicated coordinator. All volunteers are clear of what their role involves. Any recommended actions following the visit are now complete meaning the service meets the standards for supported contact accreditation.

Photos from this centre

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