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Telephone: 0203 605 9477

Alternative: 07399 259667




Telephone: 0203 605 9477

Alternative: 07399 259667


Accreditation Summary

Date: 24/09/2021


Reality Family Support Services provides a range of services for families including supervised and supported contact, support workers, escort services, respite and so on. This is a community-based service, not operating from a fixed service or venue, although they operate in and around the London Borough or Bromley. The organisation plans to use some local authority rooms as needed and will also deliver contact from family homes, placement addresses and public places etc. There is currently one person running the service which will be done independently initially (without the support of a team), although this might change as or when the organisation grows. The manager has a long experience working in health and social care, with Cafcass and as a foster carer.

The service will send out the referral and once this is completed the service will complete a risk assessment to help decide whether they can work with a family. These will be holistic and contain all the information needed to keep children and their families safe from any harm. A pre-visit will be offered with the parent and the child where there will be the opportunity for questions to be asked as well as getting relevant paperwork signed. The location of the pre-visit will be agreed with parties in advance and if needed the relevant rooms will be hired. Children will be supported to understand how the service will work with them, what they will be offered, how they will be supported and how they will be enabled to feel safe. This approach will be tailored to the individual age and developmental stage of children to ensure that information is accessible to children.

The person running Reality Family Support Services is a dedicated professional and this will be a great child contact service once the co-ordinator has gained some experience. The required standards for accreditation have been achieved and this service should go from strength to strength.

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